If there were a predictable, step-by-step process for landing a job you *love* without the overwhelm, confusion, radio silence, and fear of putting yourself out there...


Would you finally feel confident enough to make career happiness your top career priority? 


here's why ANYTHING short of a big
*head nod* is hurting your career


Every day, HUNDREDS of amazing jobs are being created, and they're greeted by thousands upon thousands of eager applicants. 

question is...
Why aren't you first in line? 

Whether you’ve spoken with recruiters or submitted your resume for a few potential options, the success of your job search rests heavily on your answer to this question.
If you fear you're not being HIGHLY CONSIDERED for the jobs you want


Your current job search efforts feel random at best, and are sapping your energy while failing to produce results that make your time invested worthwhile

then keep reading...


the dreaded question...

(And why I still cringe when I hear it)


You've probably been asked this a hundred times. 


It's one of the first questions you hear when you meet someone new. 

People ask it with the best of intentions. 
But even still... 

It can strike total fear and shame into the heart of just about anyone. 

Especially when you KNOW you're not where you want to be in your career. 

And even more-so if you've been TRYING to change your situation but haven't been able to make it happen yet. 

You've probably guessed already -- the question is...

"So, what do you do?"


In my mind, there's no question more anxiety provoking for someone who wants to make more out of their career. 

I still remember how much pain this question caused me early on in mine. 

Before I started landing offers at companies like Facebook and LinkedIn,
I was a graduate school dropout. 

And despite having a college degree and a young professional's background most people seemed impressed by...

I felt like a total failure. 

I was spending hours and hours each day

tailoring my resume
crafting practically perfect cover letters
submitting tens of applications

But I wasn't landing any interviews, let alone any offers. 

And the most painful part wasn't that my job search was failing... 

It was that this question came up over and over again constantly reminding me I wasn't where I wanted to be.

But even still...

I'm grateful people asked it. 

Grateful people are asking it to YOU. 

Because that single question... and the ACTIONS you take to finally be able to answer it with unshakeable confidence, hold the key to your career happiness.

But before you can CONFIDENTLY take those actions, you must first get familiar with...




(And how to start changing that right now!)


Reason #1: You Don't Know What You Want

It's normal to feel scattered or confused about your career interests. What's out there, what's within reach given the skills you've already developed in your career, and is there a career path that would make you truly happy?

Digging into each of these questions is like opening Pandora's box.

Without the right direction, you could be searching for an answer till the end of time.

The truth is, there's no one right answer. There are a variety of career paths that could make you happy!

If you're like the rest of us, you are a multi-passionate person with tremendous capacity to learn and grow in the direction of your dreams.

But it's about identifying which career paths are worth exploring, exploring them efficiently, and choosing the right one to go after in the best possible way.

What you need:

Confidence to double down on a plan of attack -- a systematic approach for assessing what's right for you and making a decision that gets you excited and motivated to navigate your way to the finish line.

Reason #2: You're Stuck In Job Search Hell

You never wanted to job search (who wants to job search)?

So when you got started, you were fully committed to being organized, thoughtful, strategic, and making it through your search in the least amount of time.

You settled into the strategy you used the last time you were searching...

Update resume, peruse the job boards, find jobs you want to apply for, draft cover letters, submit applications, and wait for the interviews to come rolling in.

You feel like you've done everything right. But nothing’s panned out.

Worse still, all that energy you had when you started your search is depleting, fast.

And you have no idea how to break through and make all your time invested worthwhile.

The problem is, the job search of yester-year doesn’t work anymore.

You're up job search creek without a paddle.

What you need:

To leverage a small but powerful set of strategies proven to produce results in today's job market (not yesterday's!).

Reason #3: Sporadic Is Your Middle Name

Let me guess:

You started this whole job search thing with a full tank of motivation, genuinely excited to take your life by the reins and make it great.

But 37 job postings and countless hours spent on your resume later…

And you’re still right where you started.

Maybe life got busy…

Or work got a little better…

Unfortunately, you’ve never stayed committed to a strategy long enough for it to produce a steady stream of interviews and offers.

But the secret to a successful job search -- one that lands a job you love -- is follow through.

What you need:

Accountability to stick to a consistent strategy, one that yields tangible progress week to week and the continued motivation you need to make it across the job search finish line.

Reason #4: Being Afraid

I get it.

Job searching is damn scary for just about everyone.

It can feel like a bit of a gamble.

“What if I spend all this time job searching, and nothing comes through? What if I’m just as unhappy in my next job as I am in this one? What if I get rejected?”

You’re afraid of making bad bets and having to suffer the consequences of having nothing to show for all that time and energy and passion you’ve invested.

But secretly, you also know that if you truly commit to the process, and if you do it right, you will come out on top.

What you need:

An understanding of how to invest your time and energy in the right places. You need a strategy to follow that you can trust -- one that will quash those fears and make clear that the only risk you're facing is NOT chasing your dreams.

Reason #5: You're Doubting Your Qualifications

I hear it every day...

"I don’t have all the qualifications they're asking for -- maybe I just don't have what it takes...”

I’m guilty of this too. I said similar things to myself after I dropped out of grad school.

These are our inner demons talking -- they’re pointing out all the reasons we DON’T deserve our dreams.

And I gotta tell you, if I could, I’d take every one of those inner demons out back by the dumpster and kick the crud out of ‘em.

Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned most heartily in my years of career coaching, here it is:

If you want it badly enough, your dream is almost always within reach. No professional has a picture-perfect background, and there ain’t no background you can’t overcome with the right approach and dedication.

What you need:

A way to quickly assess what is within reach, what you could do to best position yourself for the jobs you most want, and devise the best plan of attack. (hint: graduate school is rarely the answer)


take ten seconds


I want you to imagine something for me


Imagine yourself sitting down with your feet up on the desk. You feel calm, and self-assured, because you know exactly what you’re going after in your career.

You feel proud — of your resume, your LinkedIn profile, and the strategy you’ve put in place to pursue the job you want.

The interview requests are flying in, and you feel ready to go in there and nail any interview question that might get thrown your way, and to negotiate for the offer you truly want and deserve.

You think about job searching, and somehow, you smile.

Because you know that you have what it takes to make it to the other side with your confidence and joy intact (and without losing your mind or all your free time in the process).

You know, deeply believe, and trust that you can and will land a job you love in just a few short weeks.

What if I told you this is 100%, absolutely within reach for you today?

Well I’m telling you!

I’ve seen it in the thousands of job seekers I’ve coached: If you change your approach, you CAN experience a job search filled with momentum, results, & happiness.

All you need is a simple system.

A system that takes all the guesswork (and losing strategies) out of the process, gives you the personalized, ongoing support you need, and propels your search forward to success.

That’s why I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to my 9-week program, which I spent the past two years co-creating with job seekers across the globe:




The complete A-Z blueprint for finding career clarity, landing more interviews and offers, and making sure you come away with a job you truly love. 


Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 10.47.39 AM.png
After returning to college to change my career path, I excitedly applied to dozens of positions, expecting the combination of my management experience and difficult new degree to place me among the most desirable candidates. Weeks crept by and I did not receive a single interview. Liz has a comprehensive understanding of the job finding process, and excels at breaking it down into motivated steps. Within a few days of crafting my LinkedIn to Liz’s vision, recruiters were chasing me. Liz helped me frame my strengths during interview prep, and after receiving an offer, gave me the courage to successfully negotiate a higher salary. I am very happily employed with a company that appreciates me, and it is due to Liz’s skill and passion.
Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 10.54.57 AM.png
I would highly recommend LYDJ. It’s a great, structured program that guides you through every aspect of the job search. It helped kickstart my career search journey and provided the guidance I needed along the way, complete with access to online worksheets, homework, and personalized coaching throughout the process. Liz’s program not only showed me how to find a company that values my experience and skillset, but also gave me the confidence to fight for what I am worth. I accepted an offer with a great company I am excited about that provides a flexible work-life balance and a significant increase in compensation and benefits.

What's inside lydj


LYDJ combines video instruction, weekly exercises, and personalized coaching — taking the headache and heartache out of the job search, and helping you nail every step of your transition with ease.

My Land Your Dream Job program includes: 

  • The Full 9-Week LYDJ Job Search System accessible online in our private members area. 30+ On-Demand Instructional Video Modules and 20+ Cheat Sheets and Hands-On Exercises walking you step by step through your successful job search:

    • Career Direction Diagnostic

    • Proven Resume Template & 30-Minute Resume Guide

    • Plug-And-Play Cover Letter Template that has secured countless interviews

    • LinkedIn Makeover Template

    • My Top-Secret Interview Prep Worksheet & irresistible sample responses to today’s toughest interview questions

    • Networking Email Templates for landing interviews at your top organizations

    • Talking Points for networking and negotiating with confidence

  • BONUS: 30-Minute Private Coaching Session with Next Step Careers Head Coach Liz Cohen to give you personalized guidance for getting results

  • BONUS: Direct Access to Liz for ongoing coaching and support throughout your search via our LYDJ Members-Only Facebook Group

  • BONUS: Job Search Survival Kit including 3 bonus modules for overcoming today's toughest job search challenges:

    • How To Tackle Gaps In Your Resume & Credentials

    • The Job Search Silver Bullet

    • How To Overcome The Job Search Blues

  • BONUS: Lifetime Access To All LYDJ Content - Including All New Content As It's Developed


Here's what you'll accomplish in 60 days


Website week by week.001.jpeg
  • Uncover your Values, Passions, and Work Preferences (VPP’s)

  • Use your VPP’s to identify the potential right-fit career possibilities for you

  • Explore and evaluate potential career paths, ultimately choosing your dream job, and confidently filling in the blank on “What I most want to do next is _______.”


Website week by week.002.jpeg
  • Identify your transferable skills

  • Craft a brand that tells recruiters and hiring managers exactly why you’re the best candidate for the job

  • Plug and play your new brand into my proven resume template in under 30 minutes

  • The 5 components of a hire-me LinkedIn profile and how to put yours into action

  • How to prevent discrimination over age, missing credentials, and missing qualifications

WEEK 3: find opportunities 

  • Where to find 60% more great-fit opportunities than the average job seeker

  • How to prioritize opportunities and go after your best fits first

  • Create a job search roadmap you can confidently follow every step of your search

  • Map your opportunities to your network, preparing you to get your foot in the door at any organization

WEEK 4: build your network

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 2.36.41 PM.png
  • How to land 10x more interviews and offers by building and leveraging your network

  • The online research technique that will break you into ANY organization

  • My personal email templates for expanding your network and landing informational interviews

  • How to get your foot in the door without “selling yourself” or attending awkward networking events

WEEK 5: build your (30-minute!) cover letter

Website week by week.005.jpeg
  • Use my proven template for writing "hire-me" cover letters in under 30 minutes

  • Follow up effectively by simply adapting my personal email templates

  • Learn my secret trick for bypassing cover letter writing (and maximizing your odds of landing the interview!)

WEEK 6: ace the interview 

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 2.37.11 PM.png
  • The interview response formula for knocking any and every interview question out of the park

  • Sample interview questions with sample answers that have worked for real-life candidates

  • Build your story bank to share powerful, relevant stories with confidence and ease

  • How to turn challenge questions into softballs

  • Nailing the important details including body language, what to ask your interviewer, video interviews, thank you notes, effective follow up, and more

  • My personal Formal Interview Prep Worksheet that takes all the stress out of interview prep and allows you to focus on showing up as your best self.

WEEK 7: negotiating mastery (we all need help here!) 

Website week by week.007.jpeg
  • My personal process and talking points that have landed candidates from $500 to $80,000 in additional compensation

  • How to determine ‘what you’re worth’ in today’s market

  • How to gain improved benefits, job title, vacation time, signing bonus, education benefits, and other offer components

  • Avoiding today’s biggest salary-negotiation missteps

WEEK 8: choose the right offer - for the right reasons

Website week by week.008.jpeg
  • Determine the most important elements of a job offer for YOU

  • My Offer Evaluation Matrix

  • How to strategically assess the offers at your fingertips and choose the best offer for you with no regrets

  • How to decide — and negotiate — between opportunities

WEEK 9: hit the ground running 

Website week by week.009.jpeg
  • My personal script for giving notice without burning bridges

  • How to exit with everyone on your team dying to work with you again in the future

  • My three-step approach to nailing your first 30 days on the job

  • Kick off your relationship with your new manager effectively

  • Setting yourself up for the earliest possible promotion


To bolster your job search success, you’ll receive intensive, 1:1 coaching time with NSC’s Founder & Head Coach, Liz Cohen.

LYDJ Members use coaching to help them decide on the right career path, refine their resume and professional brand, develop a networking strategy, role play informational and formal interviews, prepare for complex negotiations, or knock down any job search roadblock to their success.

bonus 2.001.jpeg

BONUS: ongoing coaching

As an LYDJ member, you get direct access to ME to answer all of your ongoing job search queries via our Private, Members-Only Facebook Group. I’ll give you feedback on your resume and cover letter, help you respond to challenging situations, and cheer you on every step of the way.

Bonus Facebook Group.001.jpeg

bONUS: Job Search Survival Kit

Three bonus instructional videos helping you tackle today's biggest job search challenges

Survival Kit Image.001.jpeg

how do you join lydj? 


Just to break it down once more… here’s everything you get as a member of LYDJ:

  • Lifetime Access to the full Land Your Dream Job 9-Week Training Program ($3,450 Value)

  • BONUS #1: 30-Minute Private Coaching Session with Liz Cohen ($200 Value)

  • BONUS #2: Ongoing Coaching via Members-Only Private Facebook Group ($997 Value)

  • BONUS #3: Job Search Survival Kit ($295 Value)

    - That’s $4,897 in value -

LYDJ Members pay just
$97 today for the entire course and all bonuses
+ 5 monthly payments of $97


OR you can save big and make a one-time payment today of $397

And because we are constantly improving upon and adding to the LYDJ course with bonus videos and content (that you receive lifetime access to when you join) it will never be this inexpensive again.

If you're ready to land your dream job, there's no better time to commit than right now.
Claim your spot today!


our 60-day, no-questions-asked, ironclad, 100% money back guarantee

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 8.19.08 AM.png

I give you a full 2 months to go through the training, implement the systems, and hit PLAY on your career transformation. 

If you're unsatisfied with the course in any way, I'll give you a full refund within 60 days of purchase. No questions asked. Seriously. 

I do this because I know what it feels like to be a cash-strapped job seeker, and I wish an option like this would have existed when I was struggling. You deserve an opportunity to put LYDJ into action and experience how easy and exciting it can actually be to go through a job search filled with momentum, confidence, and JOY.


+ What if I don't know what my dream job is?

Not to worry! Week 1 of the course takes you through the process of defining your dream job before we show you how to land it.

You'll use concrete exercises to define your values, passions and work preferences (your 'VPPs'), and then use those VPPs to identify strong-fit career paths and choose the one you want to go after.

Past LYDJ participants constantly tell us that understanding their VPPs has become a core part of their career clarity and continues to help them make career decisions big and small.

So even if you already know what career you’re going after, you have important insight to gain in Week 1!

+ What if I don't believe there's one right job for me?

Then you're ahead of the game! We live in a rapidly changing world where 65% of the next decade's jobs don't even exist yet.

And if you're like the vast majority of professionals, I know you are a multi-passionate person who could be happy in a variety of careers.

Week 1 of this course will teach you how to identify the variety of careers you may be interested in, and then how to narrow down that list and identify the career step you want to take NEXT.

You'll master this process and become prepared to navigate all of your future career decisions with confidence and ease.

+ How does this course differ from NSC’s free resources?

There’s a LOT of new content in the course: exercises, techniques, worksheets, cheat sheets, and bonus videos you won’t find anywhere else.

Yet interestingly, what many LYDJ participants told us they needed most from this course is the structure, accountability, and focus that propelled them to make week-to-week progress and to stick with their search until they could gleefully say “yes” to an offer.

This course gave them the motivation to say “I’m going the spend the next 9 weeks making it happen,” and then do it.

It’s grounded in the research: when you financially invest in something, you’re more likely to follow through. It signifies your commitment to making change happen, and paves the way for you to stay true to that commitment rather than dipping in, getting overwhelmed and then putting your career happiness on the back burner once again.

So if you want to give your transition (and career happiness!) the greatest chance of success -- and to come away with a job you truly love, a salary you deserve, and new skills to make you and all of your future job searches stronger -- this course is 1,110% worth the investment.

+ What if I try the course and it isn't for me?

We're confident that if you do the work, you'll see serious results -- you'll get more interviews, more offers, AND you'll see all of the personal developmental benefits we've promised above as well.

And we're happy to back that up with a risk-free, 100%, ironclad, money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the course for any reason, you have a full 60 days from purchasing to request a full refund.

+ Am I guaranteed to get a job?

In short, yes.

If you do the work -- you stick with the training, follow the modules, and put your full heart into this process -- you WILL get more interviews and offers.

But more importantly, this course will teach you how to find career clarity and ensure that you don’t just get “a job,” but a job that’s aligned with your values. It will teach you the skills you need to be a master networker, interviewer, negotiator, and overall communicator. And it will help you become more confident in who you are, what you want, and your ability to make it happen.

And I can't emphasize enough that this is a risk-free decision.

If you are dissatisfied with the course for any reason, you have 60 days from purchasing to request a full refund, no questions asked.

Truthfully, the only risk you should be concerned about is not investing in yourself and making the decision to finally start creating the future you want and deserve.

+ Is this course for a certain age group or industry?

This course is for all ages and all industries!

We’ve distilled the best practices for any job seeker navigating the modern day job search, and we give you concrete guidance on how to apply these practices to your specific background and needs.

The course has helped and received rave reviews from job seekers of all backgrounds -- recent graduates, mid-career professionals, stay-at-home parents transitioning back into the workforce, professionals with 20+ years of experience who are struggling to figure out their next career adventure or how the new way of job searching works, professionals who have recently been laid off or let go, and professionals interested in making a significant role or industry shift.

The job search process has changed dramatically since the advent of internet recruiting, and we've invested a lot of energy in figuring out what works, so that no matter your age or background you know what you need to do to succeed.

+ Who is this course NOT right for?

If you're a C-Suite or Executive-level professional, this course is likely not for you -- you most likely already have the skills, brand and network that this course helps professionals build.

If you're someone who expects a head hunter or recruiter to present you with a golden opportunity without doing anything more than updating your resume, this course is not for you -- while this course does teach you how to craft a resume and LinkedIn profile that increase your chances of getting noticed by recruiters, more importantly it teaches you the networking techniques responsible for 85% of hires, and the interview and negotiation skills that increase your chances of landing the offer and a salary increase. You don't get those kinds of results without work!

If you're someone who feels truly lost about what you want in your career and you want months-long deep soul searching, personality assessments, and to come away with total career certainty, this course is likely not for you -- Week 1 of the LYDJ course helps you define your career direction, the variety of careers you could pursue, and which one you want to go after next in your life. I've included bonus exercises in case you're feeing stuck and need to take a little more time to explore and evaluate career possibilities. You can even ask me questions and get my feedback on your personal situation.

But this course is more focused on learning through action, and grounded in the philosophy that there's no ONE dream job for you waiting to be uncovered. Rather, you have an opportunity to build a dream-worthy career, step-by-step, iterating as you and the world around you change, and resting assured that whatever hand life deals you, you have the skills you need to land a job you love.

+ What if I need support?

All LYDJ participants are invited to join our LYDJ Private Members-Only Facebook Group. There, you not only have the opportunity to receive support and feedback from your fellow LYDJ members -- you also have direct access to ME.

I'll be right there with you, answering your questions, cheering you on along the way, and posting weekly tips, tricks and content to make sure you're up to date on today's latest and greatest job search insights!

+ Do I have to complete the course in 9 weeks, or can I move faster/slower?

You receive access to the entire course the moment you sign up. Some people zoom through in just a few weeks, while others appreciate the accountability and structure of weekly lessons and homework.

The best news is, you have lifetime access, so no matter the twists and turns of this job search or the next, the course is there for you and you can move at your own pace.

+ Can I purchase LYDJ as a gift?

Absolutely! Lots of people have given their spouses, kids, mentees and friends the gift of job search happiness. Just email [email protected] for easy-to-follow instructions and we’ll get your loved one started in no time.

LYDJ MEMBERS land in great places

LYDJ members have landed jobs at amazing companies across the globe, including: 

Logo image 2-15-18.jpg

Here's what just a few LYDJ members have to say...

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 10.40.21 AM.png
Through Land Your Dream Job, I landed a job (and several offers along the way) within a month of moving back to the States after three years abroad — and negotiated a $10,000 increase in salary to boot. Liz’s personalized coaching was absolutely invaluable for me. Liz will cheer you on and give you the confidence boosts you need, but she’ll also ask you tough questions and make you look at things from different perspectives. I was so lucky to have Liz as a partner in my job search and highly recommend her as both a course creator and 1:1 coach. Working with Liz is a no-brainer if you’re looking for guidance and accountability.
Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 11.03.20 AM.png
I contacted Liz after losing a job I truly loved. I was feeling unhappy and stressed and dreaded the idea of trying to find a new one. I spoke to coaches in Copenhagen where I live, but they were so business as usual; they all used the word networking but they couldn’t tell you how to do it. I decided to try this upbeat and positive NSC approach to job searching. It was amazing! So crystal clear, a blueprint you can start moving on right away. Liz helped me to re-evaluate what is important to me, and provided the kind of hands-on guidance I needed. I came away from the 9-week course with a new plan of action for my professional future. I’m actually a completely different person than when we started. I feel confident and positive about the process of carrying on with the changes I have put in place. Thank you!!
Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 11.06.01 AM.png
Through her LYDJ curriculum, Liz gave me the tools to narrow down my job search and use my limited time wisely. After the initial guided soul searching, I felt so sure of myself when it came time to apply, interview and eventually accept a job. Liz provides all of the resources you would expect from a career coach: cover letter templates, resume suggestions and interview prep questions. Most of all, you need Liz because as your career coach she will become your advocate through what can often be a defeating time. She prepares you for the inevitable speed bumps of rejection and un-returned emails and with her positive outlook you feel confident pushing forward. She’ll help you find and land your dream job and in the process you won’t lose sight of why you ventured down this path to begin with.
With Liz’s specific methods for standing out during interviews, I not only landed a job at my dream company; my new manager told me that I’d been the top candidate, and that “I was a unicorn”. I’m so grateful for Liz’s thoughtful, compassionate and innovative career guidance!
— Amanda, San Francisco, CA

are you ready to land your dream job?


I can't wait to meet you and help you land your dream job! 

- Liz

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