doeS JOB hunting GET YOU DOWN?

Too many job seekers describe their experience as impersonal, demoralizing, and confidence-sapping. It's no surprise why:

You're overwhelmed sifting through online postings, wondering which jobs you even want and if you're qualified enough to land them. 

You're dreading updating your resume and writing cover letters, sending off tens of applications only to wait, hope, and receive boiler plate rejection emails or total radio silence.    

You're starting and stopping your search, feeling stuck and struggling to find the motivation to make it across the finish line. 

With this experience as the status quo, no wonder job seekers give up partway through their search, accept the first offer to come along, or simply decide to stay in a job that's making them miserable.

Landing a job you love should not be so hard.

And it doesn’t have to be.


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I'm Liz Cohen, the Founder and Head Coach at Next Step Careers. I've worked for organizations like LinkedIn, Facebook, Duke University, startups and nonprofits, and I've helped hundreds of job seekers land jobs they love.

At LinkedIn, I worked with experts to create data-driven training programs, and was inspired by the impact of step-by-step guidance on job seekers' confidence and results. I founded Next Step Careers to carry this mission forward.

Here's the #1 lesson I've learned along the way: Most job seekers are spending too much time on the wrong job search activities.

What's standing between most job seekers and a job they love isn't their education or their resume -- it's their approach.  

I believe everyone deserves to land a job they love -- and I know that with our approach, anyone can. Even better, the job search can (and should!) make you a stronger professional and a better version of yourself.

If you're ready to take the next step in your career, I want to help you too.

our proven model

In our 9-week online course you will:

  • Clarify the ideal roles that match your skills and passion
  • Be guided, step-by-step, through today's most data-driven, proven approach to job searching
  • Become a master networker, interviewer, negotiator (and overall communicator!)
  • Gain confidence in who you are and your ability to achieve what you want
  • Yes... you'll get a dynamite LinkedIn profile, resume and cover letter too ;)


Week 1: Define your dream job 

Week 2: Tailor your brand

Week 3: Find opportunities


Week 4: Build your network

Week 5: Create stellar applications

Week 6: Ace the interview



Week 7: Negotiate a higher salary

Week 8: Choose the best offer

Week 9: Hit the ground running

Whether you're finally gearing up to land the job of your dreams, troubleshooting a stagnant job search, or want to make sure you do the job search right -- this course is for you.

our 9-week course includes

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  • 30 Instructional Video Modules teaching you today's most data-driven job search process
  • Weekly Homework to keep your search on track
  • 20+ Cheat Sheets making the hardest job search activities EASY including:
    • Resume Templates
    • LinkedIn Makeover
    • Cover Letter Templates
    • Interview Prep Worksheets
    • Networking and Negotiation Talking Points
  • 3 BONUS Videos: 
    • Tackling Resume Gaps
    • The Job Search Silver Bullet
    • Overcoming The Job Search Blues
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access To All LYDJ Content - Including All New Content As It's Developed
  • BONUS: In-Course Commenting, To Get All Your Questions Answered Along The Way!

how do you join? 

To cover all the material in our 9-week course costs our private coaching clients over $4,000. Is it worth it? Absolutely -- investing in a personal guide to help you become your best professional self (and often earn a raise 2-4x the cost of coaching) is the best money you can spend. 

Similar courses cost $2,000+ and do not include 1:1 coaching time as our premier course does. We charge significantly less for our course experience, because we believe that great career advice should be affordable, and we know the impact hands-on support can have on people's job search success.  


Course participants will pay just $347 for the entire course and all bonuses. That's a 90% discount from what you would pay to cover this material in 1:1 coaching. And because we are constantly improving upon and adding to the LYDJ course with bonus videos and content (that you receive lifetime access to when you join) it will never be this inexpensive again.

PLUS, if you want accountability, support, and to barrel through this course in 9 weeks with Liz as your personal coach, we also offer a PREMIER course for just $997 that includes ALL OF THE ABOVE AND: 

  • 6 Private Coaching Sessions (30-Minutes Each) With NSC Head Coach, Liz Cohen (a $1,200 value)
  • 50% Discount On Additional Private Coaching
  • BONUS: Private Facebook Group for ongoing support throughout the course
  • BONUS: Accountability Messages, Tips & Tricks to keep you moving and motivated

If you're ready to land your dream job, there's no better time to commit than right now. Claim your spot today!

our money back guarantee

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This course has the power to profoundly change your life. Seriously. We've seen clients transition from small family businesses to tech giants. We've seen professionals wondering whether they'd ever find a job land the job of their dreams. We've seen people go from fearful to fierce when approaching the job search. We're confident that if you do the work, you'll get enormous benefit from this experience. And we're happy to back that up with our risk-free money back guarantee. 

If you're unsatisfied with our course in any way, we'll give you a full refund within 60 days of purchase. No questions asked. Seriously. 


We've helped people land jobs and be successful at companies including: 

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Here's what just a few of them have to say (see more client reviews here)...

Years of retail inspired me to return to college and change my career path. After graduation I excitedly applied to dozens of positions, expecting the combination of my management experience and difficult new degree to place me among the most desirable candidates. Weeks crept by and I did not receive a single interview. A friend had recently been assisted by Liz during a career change and heartily recommended her. Liz has a comprehensive understanding of the job finding process, and excels at breaking it down into motivated steps. She is attentive, upbeat, and deeply knowledgeable. Within a few days of crafting my LinkedIn to Liz’s vision, recruiters were chasing me. Liz helped me frame my strengths during interview prep, and after receiving an offer, gave me the courage to successfully negotiate a higher salary. I am very happily employed with a company that appreciates me, and it is due to Liz’s skill and passion.
— Shane, Minneapolis, MN
Through the Land Your Dream Job course, I landed a job (and several offers along the way) within a month of moving back to the States after three years abroad — and negotiated a $10,000 increase in salary to boot. Liz’s personalized coaching was absolutely invaluable for me. Liz will cheer you on and give you the confidence boosts you need, but she’ll also ask you tough questions and make you look at things from different perspectives. (I can’t begin to count how many times I said “You’re right! You’re so right!” on our calls.) I was so lucky to have Liz as a partner in my job search and highly recommend her as both a course creator and 1:1 coach. Working with Liz is a no-brainer if you’re looking for guidance and accountability.
— Cristina, Washington, DC
Through her LYDJ course curriculum, Liz gave me the tools to narrow down my job search and use my limited time wisely. After the initial guided soul searching, I felt so sure of myself when it came time to apply, interview and eventually accept a job. Liz provides all of the resources you would expect from a career coach: cover letter templates, resume suggestions and interview prep questions. But the reason you need Liz on your side isn’t the cheat sheets, though they are helpful. You need Liz because as your career coach she will become your advocate through what can often be a defeating time. She prepares you for the inevitable speed bumps of rejection and un-returned emails and with her positive outlook you feel confident pushing forward. She’ll help you find and land your dream job and in the process you won’t lose sight of why you ventured down this path to begin with.
— Haley, Seattle WA
I contacted Liz after losing a job I truly loved. I was feeling unhappy and stressed and dreaded the idea of trying to find a new one. I spoke to coaches in Copenhagen where I live, but they were so business as usual; they all used the word networking but they couldn’t tell you how to do it. I decided to try this upbeat and positive NSC approach to job searching. It was amazing! So crystal clear, a blueprint you can start moving on right away. Liz helped me to re-evaluate what is important to me, and provided the kind of hands-on guidance I needed. I came away from the 9-week course with a new plan of action for my professional future. I’m actually a completely different person than when we started. I feel confident and positive about the process of carrying on with the changes I have put in place. Thank you Liz!
— Beatriz, Copenhagen, Denmark
I was referred to NSC by a client of mine who recognized I wasn’t setting myself up for a long-term career. When Liz and I first spoke it was clear she had a strategic, organized approach to job finding. In the beginning the best part of the coaching experience was having an expert hold me accountable. Later, it was Liz’s broad work experience that gave me insight and best practices. Another huge benefit was her help with written and verbal communication. She helped craft great emails, cover letters, resumes, my LinkedIn profile, and coached me on interview prep. Now, not only have I landed my dream job and negotiated a $22,000 raise in my salary, I also feel incredibly lucky to have found someone so intelligent, successful, and driven in my corner. My experience using NSC was extremely positive and I highly recommend it.
— Alex, New York NY