I offer a free 20-minute consultation to help you assess your job search strategy. Want to get your job search off on the right foot, feeling stuck, or just want to hash out the details and define your next action steps? I'd love to chat with you about it! 

Working with me (Liz!) as your coach means you have a personal guide and thought partner to help you:

  • Define that ideal role you'll go after in your search -- one that's aligned with your values and passions
  • Refine your professional brand and make sure you're marketing yourself as a stellar candidate for the jobs you want
  • Develop a strategic networking plan to get your foot in the door at the organizations you most want to work for
  • Wow your network and interviewers with compelling communication
  • Stay accountable, motivated, and empowered throughout your search 

Coaching is remote so you can participate from anywhere. Clients work with me to design a coaching plan customized to their needs and their search. Coaching clients DO have homework and must be willing and ready to work hard; coaching is an amplifier -- not a substitute -- for your own effort and dedication. 

Interested? Shoot me a note at [email protected].