Our values are our most core motivators, defined as one's judgment of what's important in life. When our work enables us to live our core values, we know we're moving in the right direction. 

Few work situations allow all our core values to play a leading role in our lives, and clarifying up front what's most important helps refine job search parameters. 

Follow the below exercise to identify your current core values:

  1. Of the 100 values listed below, circle the top 15 most importance to you (you can also write in values you feel are missing from the list)
  2. Once you have your top 15, strike 5 from your list to find your top 10
  3. Once you have your top 10, strike 3 more from your list to find your top 7
  4. Now, rank your top 7 values from most to least important
  5. Finally, from your top 7, highlight the values you want fulfilled at work, underline those you want fulfilled outside of work, and *star* your non-negotiables

What you should have at the end of this exercise is a clearer sense of what's most important to you at work and outside of work, and a guiding light for weighing potential opportunities.

To take this exercise one step further and define your career direction, input your values into our our career direction diagnostic that will help you assess which career paths are right for you -- those that exist at the intersection of your values, passions and preferences.


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