my welcome gift to you:

As the newest member of the Next Step community, I’m giving you special access to my Define Your Dream Job training (Week #1 of my $497 award-winning job search program) for just $17.

AND personalized coaching from me for free!



This opportunity is ONLY for new arrivals to the Next Step community and you have 48 hours to claim it!



define your dream job is my in-depth training on career clarity

With Define Your Dream Job you will:

  1. Learn what a "dream job" really is, and HOW people are finding theirs today. You'll get the perspective you need to plan for long-term career happiness. 

  2. Complete exercises to uncover your “VPPs” (Values, Passions, and Preferences) - the three most important aspects of a career that fits. 

  3. Identify, explore and evaluate potential career paths, choosing the one that fits you best.

  4. Gain unshakable confidence in your career direction, eliminating career anxiety, and setting you up for a successful job search and joyful career.

  5. BONUS - get personalized feedback from me to make sure you're choosing the right path for you + access to the Land Your Dream Job Members-Only Facebook Group where you can ask me any questions about your job search!

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The important details

Normally, the only way to get access to Define Your Dream Job is by joining my full, 9-week Land Your Dream Job program that costs $497. 

BUT because you're new to the Next Step community...

And because you said career clarity is the biggest hurdle standing between you and a job you love...

...I want to give you the opportunity to overcome that hurdle once and for all.

I know how hard it is to wake up and know something's missing but not be able to put your finger on which career would fit you and make you happy.

You don't deserve that!

What you DO deserve is to feel CONFIDENT in where you're headed, which is completely possible and within reach.



what’s included in define your dream job

  • My Career Direction Diagnostic + step-by-step exercises to help you uncover your VPPs (Values, Passions, and Preferences), your three most critical drivers of career happiness.

  • 3 On-Demand Video Modules taking you through the process of defining your dream job with concrete examples (including my personal experience going through this process!).

  • Career Exploration Exercises to help you identify and evaluate potential career paths and choose the best next step for you.

  • Bonus Exercises to guide you if you’re feeling truly stuck.

  • Direct Access to me (Liz!) for feedback and coaching via our Private, Members-Only Facebook Group.

*This training includes 40 minutes of video instruction and 3-5 hours of hands-on assignments that can be completed at your own pace. Some participants find clarity within a few days while others take 1-2 weeks or months to deeply explore themselves and their career possibilities. This is YOUR journey and the training will adapt to whatever is the right timeline for you.*




As a job seeker, your time and your money are precious resources. 

I know this from personal experience, which is why I'm giving you this one-time opportunity to get access to this powerful module from my course for just $17, AND I give you a full 2 months to go through the training and see the amazing results for yourself.  

If you're unsatisfied in any way, just shoot me an email within 60 days of purchase and I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked. Truly.


I hope to see you soon!

Liz Cohen
Next Step Careers Founder & Head Coach