Stephanie recently received her Master’s degree in Special Education, and was applying for a full-time teaching position. She gave me permission to show you her full cover letter that follows our 30-minute template.

If you didn't have a chance to check out the template yet, the secret is that your cover letter is really a response to the question "Why should I hire you?" and it's your responsibility as the applicant to lay out clearly the top 2-3 reasons you should be hired.

These 2-3 reasons should be listed up front in your Introduction as your thesis, and then fleshed out in supporting Proof Paragraphs.

As you can see, we've bolded Stephanie's topic sentences below. It's clear and memorable that the top 2 reasons Stephanie should be hired are: 

  1. She's spent 7 years as an undergraduate and master's student in Special Education preparing for this exact type of work.
  2. She has experience and passion for this specific school's arts-based approach to instruction.

See the full template run-down here, or keep reading for Stephanie's strong example letter. 

Ms. Blount,

I am a 2016 Special Education Master’s Candidate at University of Maryland writing to apply for the Special Education Teacher position at Holyoke Elementary. Given my extensive background in special education, my lifelong passion for supporting young individuals in need, and our shared belief in combining the arts with high touch teaching methods to unlock children’s potential, I think I would be a strong addition to your school. As I prepare to graduate this May, I can think of no better opportunity than to join the teaching community at Holyoke Elementary.

I have spent the past seven years developing my expertise in special education instruction. Through my undergraduate and master’s coursework, I gained a broad understanding of early childhood development, advanced practices for children with disabilities, behavioral assessments and instructional methods. Through full-time internships at three different elementary schools, I deepened my skills in classroom leadership, IEP creation, and emergency situation resolution. I know what it takes to create supportive and productive learning environments for children with disabilities, and I look forward to making this happen as a full-time teacher.

In this vein, I am most drawn to Holyoke Elementary because of its emphasis on combining the arts with high touch teaching methods. In my recent internship at Parkwood Elementary, I took the initiative to incorporate research-based arts exercises into our standing curriculum. Specific activities like story-drawing and articulating emotions through painting created a new level of engagement and personal expression among our students. This experience proved to me the power of art to strengthen curricula, classroom stability and student learning outcomes, and I admire Holyoke Elementary’s shared belief in this approach.

I would be honored to contribute my passion and expertise to the teaching community at Holyoke Elementary, and I hope to interview for this position at your earliest convenience.

Stephanie Frubold