You deserve to feel confident answering any question



and that’s just a sample! :)

As a new member of the Next Step community, I’m giving you special access to my full Ace The Interview training (one week of my award-winning $497 job search program) for just $17.

PLUS personalized feedback from ME on your interview responses for free!



This opportunity is ONLY for new arrivals to the Next Step community and you have 48 hours to claim it!



Ace The Interview is my most in-depth training on interview mastery.

With Ace The Interview, you will:

  1. Learn my proven interview response formula for crafting dynamite responses to absolutely any and every interview question.

  2. Build your story bank so you have compelling, concise, and relevant examples to point to in every interview.

  3. Access my secret-weapon, interview prep worksheet that ensures you feel fully confident and prepared to knock your interviews out of the park.

  4. Master the details that count: body language, how to ask strong questions, how to nail video interviews, and effective follow up.

  5. Build authentic, unshakable confidence in your accomplishments, communication skills, and your ability to show up strong in any interview.

  6. BONUS - learn my 'silver bullet' strategy that has helped countless job seekers turn final round interviews into offers.

  7. BONUS - get personalized feedback from me on your interview responses!

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The important details:

Normally, the only way to access Ace The Interview is by joining my full, 9-week Land Your Dream Job program that costs $497. 

BUT because you're new to the Next Step community...

And because you said interviewing is the biggest hurdle standing between you and a job you love...

...I want to give you the opportunity to overcome that hurdle and propel yourself towards landing a job you love.

I know how hard it is to walk into an interview with sweaty palms, wracking your brain on what to say, what not to say, and how to come across as the best version of yourself.

You don't deserve that!

What you DO deserve is to feel CONFIDENT in how you're presenting yourself, and to know that it will be yield results.



WHAT’S INCLUDED IN ace the interview

  • 4 On-Demand Video Modules teaching you today’s best practices for interview mastery — my proven interview response formula, how to build your story bank, nailing the details that matter like body language, video interviews and communicating with your interviewers, and my favorite practice regimen that builds confidence like nothing else!

  • Proven, Easy-To-Use Cheat Sheets:

    • My Formal Interview Prep Worksheet that ensures you feel fully confident and prepared to knock your interviews out of the park.

    • Practice Questions List sharing today’s most recommended and challenging interview questions you’ll want to be prepared for.

    • Email Templates for making sure you communicate effectively before and after your interviews.

  • Bonus Video Modules:

    • The Job Search Silver Bullet which shares my secret technique that has turned countless final round interviews into job offers.

    • Overcoming The Job Search Blues so that even if you experience self-doubt and rejection (which most job seekers do!), you have the perspective and strategies you need to feel on top of your game/

  • Direct Access to me (Liz!) for feedback on your interview responses via our Private, Members-Only Facebook Group.

*This training includes 1 hour of video instruction and can be used in anticipation of a specific interview or for general interview skill-building at any time. Land Your Dream Job members say this is the module they come back to over and over again to make sure they are confident and prepared before any and every interview.*



my 100% money-back guarantee:

As a job seeker, your time and your money are precious resources. 

I know this from personal experience, which is why I'm giving you this one-time opportunity to get access to this powerful module from my course for just $17, AND I give you a full 2 months to go through the training and see the amazing results for yourself.  

If you're unsatisfied in any way, just shoot me an email within 60 days of purchase and I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked. Truly.


I hope to see you soon!

- Liz Cohen, Next Step Careers Founder & Head Coach